Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're car shopping. Again.

Confession: We're compulsive car shoppers. Right now we have three cars. The oldest one is a 2004. We have a reason for having three cars, but still....we have three cars. And two people to drive them. Sure, having three cars came in handy the day that the Jetta broke, because I drove back home and took the Pilot instead. This is the second time we've had three cars. Last time, Chris had a job in Cheektowaga. We had a Jetta and a Grand Cherokee, and both of us had long commutes, so we got a Corolla to get him to work. Then he got a job closer to home, so we traded in the Jeep and the Corolla and got the Pilot. We were back down to two cars while Chris was working in town, but then he got another job in Buffalo, this time at Canisius College, so we went car shopping again last summer and ended up with a Mini Cooper. Back to three cars.

We balloon financed the Jetta, and that term is up in August, so we thought we'd be getting rid of the Jetta this year and go back down to two cars, but somehow we're shopping again. This time we'll probably trade in the Jetta and the Mini so we'll be back down to two cars, but we will have had the Mini for less than a year! I'll be bummed to get rid of that car...I really love it. But then again, I hardly ever get to drive it, so it won't make a whole lot of difference anyway.

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