Saturday, July 26, 2008

First concert of the summer-Hinder, Staind, & 3 Doors Down

Last night was our first summer concert of 2008. We enjoyed Hinder, Staind, and 3 Doors Down at Darien Lake. Now I'll be honest, as much as I love music, I wasn't as excited to see this concert as I usually am for bands that I LOVE! Hinder was alright...I think that they're trying to be Aerosmith, which doesn't even make my list of favorite artists (read: I don't like them). I like some of Hinder's songs, particularly "Get Stoned," which is ironic since I'm firmly opposed to drug use. But in any case, I'll classify them as "OK." I did, however, catch a pick that the guitarist threw. Well, I didn't so much "catch" it as "check the guy who tried to push me out of the way, then bend down and look for it,) but still, it is in my possession. He offered to buy me a beer if I'd give him the pick, but I hate beer, so I told him no thanks. (He doesn't know my experience with beer, which is both limited and bad. Think carnival rides on a stomach full of beer---I'm scarred for life.)Here I am with my pick, and Hinder in the background

Staind were very talented musicians, and I did know a few of their songs, but they were very, very mopey, and most of their songs sounded alike. And when I don't know the words to the songs, it just sounds like bass vibration because it was LOUD!

3 Doors Down hit the stage and I was amazed. They were very "on" musically, they were full of energy, and they were GRATEFUL! The lead singer, Brad, said thank you and God bless to his "friends" in the audience and just made it feel like he knew you. His appreciation was obvious, and it was incredibly heartwarming. I have a new appreciation for this band and can now safely consider myself a fan.

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G. said...

I love concerts although I don't make it to too many anymore. Glad you had fun.