Friday, July 11, 2008

First time driving the new Jetta

So I broke down and drove the new Jetta today. I had an eye doctor appointment and had to run some errands before and afterwards. I didn't stall it, so that was good. (It's a 6-speed stick.) It drives nicely, but it's a lot softer than I like. I prefer nice crisp handling. This is more like an "adult car," and I'm not ready for that. I have a few gripes...the keyhole is weird, the headrest is WAY uncomfortable (makes me carsick when I drive...not cool!) and a few other things. I'm only this picky because, well, I'm picky about cars. Seriously. I should write for car and driver.

So anyway, it's a car. That's all I can really say. It has a nice engine and some get up and go, but other than that, it's pretty blah.

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