Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Do I say too much?

As I was finishing up my last post, I began to wonder if I was putting too much personal stuff on the internet. I mean, everyone can see it! My mom could hop on and read about what I want to do with the jet ski. So could my boss at work! But at the same time, anyone can get to my blog and see that despite what goes on in the world, I try to be mature, responsible, rational, and caring. So I don't know what to do... So far I only know of one person who has read my blog. I haven't exactly "gone public" with it yet.

That little hamster wheel in my head is always turning. I feel like I'm constantly worried about what other people will think. Grrr, sometimes I hate morals!


G. said...

In a world of blogs where everyone seems to have it all together...yours is refreshingly different...and honest. After all, the beauty of having a blog is that it's yours and you can say whatever you want to.

G. said...

Oh, and by the way...would I be that only person you know of who reads your blog? just wondering. :)
I'm sure more are reading, they just don't comment.

Circular Logic said...

Yep, G, you're my one and only ;)