Monday, June 16, 2008

Last day of school

Today is the last day of school, and I kind of feel like crying. Every year I've been attached to the students, but this is a special class. Maybe it's because I've been with them for five years, and I've had longer to get to know them than past classes. But I think that part of it is the special bond I've formed with some of these remarkable students. They've gotten to know me and I've gotten to know them. They know my quirks and my passions. I was reminded today about how well they know me when I walked into my office and found the following gift on my desk:

It's going to be a rough day, but a happy day. The day ends with the seniors doing their "Senior Farewell Tour." They start upstairs and walk through the hallways up there, then come downstairs and walk through the halls on the first floor, and the juniors hand them a flower as they exit the building on their last day as high school seniors. Graduation and the awards ceremony are both very upbeat events, and no one really cries, but during the senior farewell tour, EVERYONE cries. Even me...

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