Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How NOT to sell me a car

In the mail today there was a regular old business sized envelope hand-addressed to me, bearing no return address. Inside was a page from a newspaper, and stuck to this newspaper was a hand-written note saying "Kelly, Check this out!" and a completely illegible signature. I unfold the paper and the page is a big story about Shults Auto Group and a sale that's going on. "Vehicles to sell for just $29 down and $99 a month with gas for 99 cents per gallon until 2009." Upon further examination, it was easy to see that this page did not appear in a real newspaper. Did they send this to me because we smashed up one of their cars on a test drive? (I'm not kidding...we really did, but it wasn't our fault, and the police report proves it.) It's hard to tell, but I do know one thing...it was kind of creepy to receive something like this in the mail, and it's going straight for the recycling bin!

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