Monday, June 16, 2008

Community service

My Girl Talk group at school has done some nice community service projects. The two biggest projects were collecting shoes for a shoe drive and making bracelets for girls who are hospitalized. Next year I want to do more community service with the group, but it seems like most organizations just want money. While I can see the need for money, I wish that there were more that the girls can do that doesn't require them to raise money. Some of these girls come from homes that don't have much money, so it's tough to hold a fund raiser and then give all of the money away, knowing that some of the girls I work with are in need as well.

So if anyone reads this post and knows how a small group of junior high and high school girls might be able to help an organization, I'm open to any and all ideas!

This is the pile of shoes that "my girls" collected in February during our "Heart and Sole" shoe drive...

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