Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chris and Kelly's British Dictionary

Please note: I plan on updating this post frequently as we continue to play our little game. I started this post quite a long time ago but I just saved the draft, I didn't post it, but that also made me almost forget that I started writing it, so I'm posting it now and adding more to it later.

I consider myself a very lucky lady because I'm married to someone I get along with so well. We have little code words and play little games and no one knows what's going on (unless we've let you in on some of our games, especially the people-watching games). Every once in a while we add a game to our list. Our most recent game has created lots of laughs and some lighthearted competition :)

We went to England in April and realized that although they speak English there, it's quite different from the English we use here. Some of their words and phrases are downright funny! We occasionally use some of the words we learned when we were there, but we added fuel to our British fire when we realized that we could watch Top Gear, a show we fell in love with in England, on BBC America. Sometimes they use phrases that we heard when we were there. Sometimes they use phrases we've never heard, but are decidedly English. So our new game is to use as many English words/phrases in regular conversation as possible. We also award a point if you use the British pronunciation of a word that is the same "in American." Here are some words that we have used:

"It's gone all pear-shaped"
Simultaneously (the "i" is pronounced like the "i" in "pig")

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