Monday, September 8, 2008

Rob and Em's wedding

Chris and I just spent the weekend with some of our best friends for a very special occasion. Rob Tyrrell, our close friend from college, got married on Friday. That was one of those weddings that we just couldn't miss. Even though I had to take two days off during the first week of school!

We left on Thursday morning so that we could make it to the rehearsal at Rosary Chapel at Dominican College at 5:00. (I used "at" too many times, I know.) Chris was an usher at the wedding. So we rehearsed, then we went to the Clarksville Inn for dinner. We enjoyed a delicious meal with Rob and Emily's close friends and family. We stayed until well after 10pm (which is late for us!) talking to people, many of whom we had never met before that night.

The next morning we picked up Rob and took him to breakie at a little diner. Two of Rob's other friends met us there. We had a nice time hearing stories about times that Rob and his friends spent together when they were younger.

I'm sure I'll add to this story later, but I just have to mention the picture I'm posting below. This is the Bonaventure Crew who attended the wedding--Terri Hammond, Matt Hammond, Justin Behan (his wife Tracy couldn't make it, but she wouldn't have been in the pic anyway because she didn't go to Bonas), me (in my strapless dress that I'm realizing didn't look very good on me), Chris, Rob, and Emily (who didn't attend Bonaventure, either, but she's allowed in the pic because she's the bride).

More later!

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