Saturday, September 20, 2008

How we wasted a Saturday...

~Threw the bikes on the rack and drove to Buffalo
~Went to HSBC Arena for the Sabres scrimmage
~Heard them play "Better Now" by Collective Soul in its entirety during intermission
~Left the game halfway through the third period to get a jump on the next leg of our journey
~Found a Subway on the way to Niagara Falls and got footlongs. Ate half at the restaurant and saved half for a picnic at the falls.
~Parked at the Seneca Niagara casino and hopped on our bikes.
~Biked to Niagara Falls state park and found that it's not a bike-friendly environment with all of the pedestrians.
~Realized how inconsiderate pedestrians can be.
~Rode our bikes down stairs. Twice.
~Ate the rest of our sammies in a grassy spot by the falls while being stared at by an angry looking seagull.
~Found that if the wind blows just right, you can get really wet from the mist at the falls.
~Thought about riding our bikes across the Rainbow Bridge to Canada, but thought we should probably check out Canadian bike laws before making the journey. Decided to attempt that next spring.
~Feeling bad that we parked at the casino without patronizing the establishment, we decided to go in and gamble for a few minutes.
~Won $4 on a slot machine. Got excited.
~Took the money and ran.
~Drove down to the Boulevard Mall to waste some time until we got hungry again because we had coupons for Pizzaria Uno and really wanted to try it.
~Bought 10 pairs of socks at Gap.
~Had a nice chat with a little boy about the Sabres. Drew Stafford is his favorite.
~Headed over to Pizzaria Uno for an early dinner. I had the Spinoccoli (spinach/broccoli) pizza.
~Had a very talkative waiter. Now I think we know more about him than his own parents do.
Quite the story teller he was.
~Got said waiter to say the word "hymen."

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