Saturday, April 4, 2009

Traveling to Virginia

This is the first day of my spring break, and we spent it in the car on the way to Virginia Beach. We left Dunkirk around 9 after taking Xander to the kennel. (I was tempted to tell the owner of the kennel that if he runs away, we won't be mad!)

We took some back roads through Warren and Ridgway, PA, then we got on some highways once we reached Breezewood, PA. We used my Dad's directions to avoid having to drive through DC, and they worked very well. After a while the GPS picked up on the fact that we were avoiding the city and sent us the same way Dad said to go. There was one portion of the trip, however, that appeared to be a brand new road, and it wasn't even in the GPS. See the picture below--it thought we weren't even on a road!

Finally we reached our hotel--the Sandcastle Oceanfront. It's not super nice, but it's clean and the people are friendly, and it's right on the water. We checked in and then went for a walk up Atlantic Avenue, window shopping in front of the kitchy little shops and dealing with crowds of people. After we walked up a few blocks, we crossed the street and walked back along the boardwalk. My normally comfortable shoes must not have been compatible with the socks I was wearing, because I ended up with a blister on my heel. That's going to hurt for a while! When we got back toward the hotel, we walked on the sand and put our toes in the icy water. Here's Chris on the beach, although with it being so dark, you probably can't tell where he is.

Now we're back in our room with the balcony door propped open, listening to the sound of the waves and eating pizza that's left over from lunch. We plan on enjoying the continental breakfast at the hotel tomorrow morning and then heading out for some activities, including, possibly, a harbor tour and a visit with dad's cousins, who live in Virginia Beach.

Oh, and the Sabres lost tonight, so I'm really ticked off.

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