Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My stupid shopping trip

Oye, what a day I had yesterday. I had planned on running out to get some groceries, since we did a "lite" shopping trip on Sunday after we got home. There are some good sales at Tops that I want to take advantage of, and since I'm off this week, I thought I'd just do the more extensive shopping Monday or Tuesday. However, I didn't really have my coupons or my list together; (YES, I use coupons, and lots of them!); but I realized that if I didn't get dog food, our pooch wouldn't be able to eat brekkie today.

So I ran to Wal-Mart (icky store, but affordable) to get dog food, spaghetti, and something else (can't remember at the moment, but it doesn't really matter). When I had just about finished shopping, it hit me that I wasn't sure if I had my wallet in my purse. In fact, I didn't know where my wallet was! Having just been on holiday, I had my usual "purse stuff" in different bags and hadn't gotten everything back where it belonged. I did, however, have our checkbook in my purse, something that rarely happens, but it was in there because I had picked up Xander from the kennel.

But then I didn't know if I could write a check without my license. Thank goodness for Jarod, the cashier at the self-checkout lanes. He was incredibly helpful and kind. I think that may be the only time someone at WalMart was helpful, especially someone at the self-checkout lane. (Normally they're too busy daydreaming or talking to their friends to bother doing their jobs!) Anyway, Jarod said that I could use my social security number if I didn't have my license. Cool. Then I took out my checkbook and realized that, despite being married for six years and living in Dunkirk for 6 1/2 years, our checks still bear my maiden name and Olean address. It was all ok, though. I gave him my phone number, too, and it all worked out. I felt pretty darn stupid, though.

When I got home I found my wallet under the passenger seat of the Pilot. It probably fell out of my purse and got kicked under there when we switched drivers.

In closing, I have to say thank goodness for nice people being there when you need them. I was wishing that I had gotten one of those surveys on my receipt, because I would give a glowing review of my experience. Jarod deserves to be commended.

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