Monday, April 6, 2009


We started the day with a beautiful view of the sunrise over the ocean...
We ate at the "deluxe continental breakfast" at the hotel (cereal, toast, and muffins--not exactly what I would call "deluxe".

We took our bikes downstairs and biked the boardwalk--about 6 beautiful miles on a nice little bike trail:
After that we changed our minds about what we would do next, but we settled on: Harbour Tour, Linda and Ray's, First Landing, then dinner with Mike.

More pictures to follow...we're getting ready to leave for another day on the road...

Ok, I'm back. Now I have to catch up on yesterday's events AND do a post with pictures from today.

Next stop on Sunday: The Harbour Tour. We drove to Norfolk and bought tickets for the Victory Rover. We had a buy one get one free coupon from the Entertainment Book! We boarded the boat at Nauticus (right next to the USS Wisconsin) a little after 10:30 and waited for the 11:00 tour. Here's a picture of Chris on the boat. You can see the Wisconsin in the background.

First we went to the left and checked out a little bit of the shipyard and some of the buildings, then we went to the right, heading past some more buildings and toward the Naval Base. We saw tons of Navy ships. It's unbelievable how much of our money is being spent on ships. Here's a picture of the newest ship--an aircraft carrier, the George HW Bush.
The tour took 2 hours. We got back to the port at 1:00 and called Linda (Dad's cousin) to let her know that we'd be on our way to her house. She said not to eat lunch because she had cooked lunch for everyone. We got to their house and were greeted by their two beautiful yellow labs, Bruce and Abbey. We enjoyed a delicious lunch and some catching up, and then we hit the road for our next adventure (below)...
First Landing State Park is one of my favorite places in the world. It's a bike trail through the woods, and it's just about the most beautiful place we've ever ridden our bikes. I love being in the woods, and I love biking, so it's the perfect combination. Chris took a picture of me when we stopped at a bog to check out the Spanish moss.
We only did about 6 miles on the First Landing trail because we had to meet my high school friend Mike at Macaroni Grill at 5. We got the bikes loaded back up and headed to the restaurant. I had mushroom ravioli that was very good. Not the best I've ever had, and it was a little on the expensive side (plus, our waitress had practically no personality), but it was nice to see Mike and to catch up a bit.

Next stop, go-kart racing. I opted out since I thought it would be stupid to partake in risky activities while pregnant, so we used more buy one get one free coupons so Chris could race twice. I'm glad I decided not to race, because it looked bumpy, and Chris said that it was.

We got back to the hotel around 8 or 8:30 and could barely keep our eyes open. By 9:00 we had given up on trying to force ourselves to stay awake. We had propped the balcony door open, so the sound of the waves even got me to sleep quickly, which rarely happens!

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