Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ski club has begun

A couple years ago we started skiing with the ski club at Maple Grove. We weren't official advisers or chaperones, but they had what they call roving chaperone passes. We would drive to the Peak ourselves, ski for a little while, then drive to Erie if we needed to shop. (Normally we'd probably eat in Erie, too, but Peek 'n Peak has the most delicious and reasonably priced restaurant called Pizzaiolos, so if we have the opportunity to eat there, we do!!!) Last year one of the chaperones hurt his back, so Chris and I filled in for him, which meant we started riding the bus to the mountain. Not much fun, I'll admit, but we did a lot of free skiing as a result. This year, we're official chaperones, which means we have the passes printed up with our names on them, but that also means that we're obligated to ride the bus every week (except next week, when we'll be at a wedding).

Since it was the first trip of the year, we spent a lot of the time helping students, which wasn't the most fun way to spend 5 hours at a ski resort, but I felt good about it because we were helping someone, and in the process making a very nervous mom feel a lot more comfortable about sending her little girl skiing.

And now I must iron.................

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