Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sabres beat Rangers!

For the first time in my life, the Sabres WON the game I attended! Chris and I attended lots of games in college (when tickets were cheap) and several over the past few years (when we could get affordable tickets). Chris' friend at work has season tickets, and season ticket holders had the option to buy extra tickets at season ticket holder prices, so we got tickets for a couple games in the cheap seats. (And when I say "cheap seats," I mean very last row.) Here's our view from our seats:
It was a blast. I think that the people in the cheap seats are the most fun. They're a little rowdy, cheering and yelling funny things, and when we score, they high five everyone around them. It was the best! One of the guys next to us offered to take our picture. Unfortunately, you can't tell where we are. At least you can sort of see that we're wearing our jerseys....
The Sabres have changed logos over the years, but the original (seen below) is still my favorite! They have alternate jerseys with the retro logo, and that's what they wore last night. They're beautiful!

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