Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things

Well, the first Monday back to work after a 12-day holiday (which was preceded by a four-day weekend because of two snowdays just before break) was a little rough, but I got through it. The next couple of days have gotten progressively better, though. Work has been very busy, but I like it that way (although that means that my desk just keeps getting messier and messier). Tuesday night we had Financial Aid Night, which meant that I had to go back to work at 6 for a 2-hour presentation that ran from 7 to 9. After the presentation, the guy I rode with lost his keys, so we spent 20 minutes looking for them, then when we got out to the van it was coated in ice, which took 10 minutes to scrape. I'll spare you the details of our drive back to Fredonia, but I'll just say that I ended up getting home well after 10:00, so it was a long day! Not bad, just long.

Today I spent four hours in meetings--2.5 hours in a scheduling meeting and 1.5 hours in a faculty meeting. I hope to actually get some WORK done over the next couple of days--phone calls and paperwork in particular. Then this Friday night we're going to another Sabres game (YEAH!!!) and on Saturday we're going on the first ski trip with the ski club. I have to be honest...the ski club trip I'm not looking forward to as much. The skiing is fun, but I'm a fair weather skier--I only really LOVE it if the conditions are just right. But the worst part is the 4 hours I have to spend on the road and waiting around.

I know this was probably one of the most boring journal posts ever, but I guess it's better than really speaking my mind. I'm a little frustrated with people lately. I'll admit, I have as many faults as the people I'm criticizing, but I guess the difference with me is that I'm working to make myself a better person and to overcome the difficulties I'm having, and the people I'm frustrated with are either not doing anything to improve themselves or they've made bad decisions and are now expecting other people to bail them out. But that's a discussion for another time. (And when that time comes, I hope people don't think I'm trying to be catty--I'll just be stating my observations.)

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