Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Second day back at work

I fear that I'm going to have trouble posting to my blog now that school has started. I've been especially bad about posting pictures. (Speaking of that, I should upload some pictures right now!) So I thought that maybe I'd just keep my blog screen open and type whatever comes to mind, whenever the thought occurs to me. That will make for some disjointed blogging, but it could be fun!

So first of all, I'm going to have to take two days off during the first week of school, which is seriously stressing me out. Rob and Em are getting married on Sept 5. They asked Chris to be an usher, and asked us to the rehearsal and dinner, so we have to drive out there on the 4th. School starts Sept 3. So yeah, I'm freaking out a little bit.

I guess that the good thing is that my principal and superintendent didn't even blink when I requested the days off. I expected them to have a problem with it. If I were my boss, I would have had a problem with it!!! But everyone has been so supportive, and needless to say I'm pleasantly surprised.

I had to take the Pilot in to the shop again today. This is the third time I've had it there for the air conditioner. Hopefully this will be the last. I want to get all of the repairs done before the warranty is up in October.

I'm trying to think of how to explain something that's going on at work without divulging too much information, because anything pertaining to my students is confidential. I'll just say that some parents have complained that their children didn't get an honor that mom and dad think the kids should have gotten. I'm trying to think of what I'm going to say when I make these phone calls, basically telling the parents that their children aren't the strong students that the parents think they are. This is always a touchy subject. I'm sure it's hard to be a parent, and I'm sure they want the best for their kids, but sometimes, the kids have simply failed to meet criteria for certain things, and I don't know how to make the parents understand that.

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