Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nate has been here for the week

I've been preoccupied lately, as Nate (my oldest nephew) has been visiting since Monday. I have a little time in the morning since I get up at 5:30 with Chris and Nate has gotten up at about 8, but I don't want to wake him up, so I do quiet activities. As soon as he gets up, I start the delicate balance of fun and obligation. I've had appointments every day...Tuesday I had PT, Wednesday I had a dentist appt, and today (Thursday) I had PT again. Nate is very, very well-behaved, but he likes to dilly dally a little bit, and he doesn't like to get cleaned up, especially after he goes potty. I think you catch my drift...

So after the appointments and such, we've taken care of other things, like shopping, eating lunch, and going to the beach.

I'm going to spare some of the details right now and just post a picture, because I'm really thirsty and I really have some chores that need to be finished.

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