Friday, March 20, 2009

Maple Grove Basketball

I'm a guidance counselor at a tiny little school in Chautauqua County, which is located in Western NY. I'm sure most counselors and teachers say this about their kids, and I'm going to say it about "my" kids, too--they're the best kids anyone could ever hope to work with. I love every aspect of working with them, from the field trips (like the college fair I took them on this past Wednesday) to the Girl Talk group I advise, to the incredibly successful athletic teams.

At this moment, our boys are starting their playoff game in Glens Falls, NY. They left on a bus yesterday for the long trip "out east". I just can't express how proud I am of these kids, and one of the coolest things is that even though they're very successful on the court or the field or wherever they're playing, they're still NICE KIDS.

Here's an article about one of our players:

Good luck, Maple Grove Red Dragons. Everyone in the office is cheering out loud for you!


The Red Dragons lost their game by 5 points in double overtime.

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