Sunday, February 22, 2009

Wrong address

I guess I can't fully trust the GPS. I had a Body Shop party last nigh, which was GREAT FUN...once I got there!

Problem is that there appear to be two streets with almost the same name in Jamestown. The GPS (whose name is Helen) took me to the wrong place first. I went to a very deserted looking street and approached a house with no number, no name on the mailbox...just a porch light on and a van in the driveway. I called the host and asked where the house was...apparently one of the addresses ends in "street" and the other ends in "avenue". I was told "avenue" but I just wrote down "Hillcrest" with no label after it, so I picked the first choice on the GPS--street. WRONG!

So anyway, I found the real house where the party was to take place, and I got there exactly on time. We had a really, really nice time, I ran a no-pressure-to-buy party (like I always do), and found out that I have a ton in common with the girl who hosted the party. I spent about 3 hours there, and ended up making a decent number of sales. I was also very thankful for nice weather. I heard it was supposed to snow last evening, but I didn't encounter any bad weather, and for that I'm eternally grateful.

I love being a Body Shop consultant. I have a chance to meet great people and to sell products that are not tested on animals for a company that cares about the world and all of its inhabitants.

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