Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Animal Lover

Another thing about me--I'm an animal lover. I have a few of my own pets, and some of them have been a little on the weird side...most notably our rat, Vailey. I believe we should be kind to all animals, and I'm firmly against animal testing.

Here are some pictures of Kelly: Animal Lover: (Actually, I'm only posting one pic now because I have some laundry that needs to come out of the dryer...I'll post a few more eventually.)

Here I am with a Lorikeet at the Aquarium of the Pacific in April, 2007.

This is me with our dog Xander, a lab mix who we rescued from the pound four years ago. Can you believe someone abused this sweet animal?


G. said...

you look really cute in this picture! :)

Circular Logic said...

Thanks! When I found that picture I couldn't believe how long my hair was!