Saturday, May 2, 2009

Our bathroom remodeling project

We've decided to remodel our bathroom. Our tub is a little on the nasty side. It looks like the tub wasn't installed properly, and the caulk is all flaky and hard to clean. We figure we're going to have a kid who I imagine is going to need a bath occasionally, so that was kind of the impetus for us to seriously think about getting this project in gear.

Today we went to a place in Orchard Park called L.A. Hazard because we heard that they had a beautiful showroom, and people are right, that place was amazing. It wasn't terribly large, but it was beautifully organized and the ladies there were so nice! They showed us a lot of things, gave us opinions, etc... We really had a nice time, and now we have some decisions to make. Tonight I think we're going to sit down and work on throwing around some ideas and seeing what we can put together.

As you can imagine, I want this project to be as green as possible, however, it looks like I may have to forfeit some "green-ness" for two reasons--first, it's hard to tell what's really the greenest option considering all of the extra supplies you need for something like granite or tile, and secondly, the seemingly greener options are so much more expensive that we just can't afford them. We did find what appears to be some pretty nice, long-lasting flooring, but it's essentially plastic, which doesn't exactly thrill me.

We also decided we might do the project in phases so we're not shelling out a load of money all at one time, and it will give us some extra time to pick out some details that we really like for the second phase. The first phase will be to get the separate shower installed, then to get the new tub installed. The vanity, sink, and faucet will be the next phase.

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