Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Need help with plant identification

Chris and I bought two house plants. We had been talking about bringing some more greenery into the house, so finally we went for it. We've always had a lot of viney plants around the house, and those grow like crazy, but we've never had the more tree-like plants. I'm finding that I have no idea how to care for them, which, I believe, is causing them to die. I'm wondering if they'll even survive because we keep our house fairly cool in the winter, and we don't have a lot of sun coming in, but I'm going to do my best to keep them alive! Any advice is welcome!

I think I've managed to identify the first one as a Corn Plant:

However, I have no clue what this one is:
Can anyone help?

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organicyogamom said...

That second one is some kind of fern plant but I'm nhot certain which variety. I've seen them befoer but don't have any at our house. We do have one of the top kind though. What's the issues with these are you overwatering?